Ballet Folklorico Sones Mexicanos

"I have been dancing for four years. I am thankful for the opportunity of being part of this amazing group. I have learned so much throughout these short years and I cannot wait whats is yet to come. I have grown out of my shell and discovered who i really am. My students always lift me up in practice with their great energy and thrive to learn and dance." 

Claudia Alejandra


My name is Ariana Guzman, I have been dancing folklorico for 5 years. Started my dancing career at BFSM at the age of 13. I teach the intermediate children's class ages 7 and up. Not only has dancing been a passion of mine, but I am also a cosmetologist and aspire to grow in my career and studies. It has been a great journey dancing folklorico and it has helped me improve as a person both professionally and socially. I enjoy working with kids and passing on what I have learned for them to carry on.

Meet Our Team!

Ariana Guzman


Ballet Folklorico Sones Mexicanos

Aldair Vazquez


I was introduced to folklorico at the age of 5 which paved the pathway for who I aspire to be. I was not just a dancer, but a student, who strives to learn about and promote my culture as much as possible. Music, art and dance are the best forms of expression, especially for our youth. Learning under the direction of very great maestros during my child and teen years, taught me to perform, instituted discipline and responsibility, and allowed me to express and channel my emotions through dance. I witnessed the passion that my maestros taught with and the impact their dedication and teachings had on my character as I was growing older. I felt the responsibility to promote this through folklore to our youth, which led me to initiate Ballet Folklorico Sones Mexicanos. Everyday, I learn more from my students than sometimes I feel they do from me. They are filled with joy, excitement, an ambition to learn and amazing personalities.  I strive to continue learning from them and with them to continue growing as a teacher and providing as best as I can for them.  

"Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their PASSION."-Martha Graham

Clara Elizabeth


"I've been dancing for 5 years. I'm extremely passionate about dancing as well as teaching. Given the chance of being able to teach has allowed me to grow with the people I instruct. I love being in the dancing atmosphere, I look forward to expanding not only my knowledge, but to those I teach as well. "

Aldair's most recent recognition is bringing home 2nd Place for Solo Category at Rocky Mountain Foklorico Competition in Pueblo, Colorado.