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"Something that you love to do brings out the best in you. It makes you enthusiastic, passionate, alive, and simply blessed. The best feeling of all is the big smile that appears on my face, everytime I dance folklorico onstage." - Liliana Corral


Sones Mexicanos is available for all events! Weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, baptisms, festivals and more social events!


Clara Elizabeth

Co-Directora / Maestra

Our mission is to keep our culture alive in our youth through dance. As we teach new dances from different regions, we teach our students the history of movements. 

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Claudia Alejandra

Artistic Director / Maestra

Words from our dancers...

"When I dance folklorico, I feel like i'm expressing my feelings through dance. Not only do i express my emotions but my culture too. Im proud to be a Mexican-American who loves to dance and is not afraid to show it."​ - Alfredo Mendez


"I love folklorico because it represents my  culture. It also fills me with energy and joy knowing that the audience sees us doing what we love and most of the time I see they love it too. The feeling of being onstage and representing is just everything to me."  -Daniela Corral

"I've never had a passion for something like I have now for folklorico. I become a different person when I dance and that's the beauty of it. Being able to become who you want to be on stage." - Cinthia "Chinta" Gutierrez 

Ballet Folklorico Sones Mexicanos was funded in October 2012 by la maestra Claudia Alejandra. The group started off with 6 students. Now, we have since grown to over 70 dancers of all ages. Since then, we have participated in the Little Village Chamber of Commerce annual Mexican Independence Day Parade, Macy's Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, and the Mexican Civic Society day of El Grito in downtown Chicago among many other events. 

Our Mission

Ballet Foklorico Sones Mexicanos is open for anyone ages 6 and up. Registration opens up every 6 months, April & October.

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Idaly Guzman


"Al Son Que Nos Toquen... Bailamos"

"I dance folklorico because it's fun, interesting and part of my culture. As we learn new regions I like to think of the history behind them and think to myself, why? Why did they dance, move and dress this way? As we learn the new songs and new regions we find out. It's like history class but more fun because you dance! - Rafael Guzman

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Aldair Vazquez


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